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Orphanage: Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

🏠 Orphanage Outreach: Countless Filipino children are deprived of the blessing of eating a well-rounded, nutritious meal three times a day.
But in Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal, an orphanage, through our Partnership with Pasig Oplan Gulay, we’re able to provide fresh vegetables from Benguet for the kids.

Each month, we also bring groceries like rice, powdered milk, biscuits, diapers, hand soaps, and shampoo to help sustain the needs of these children.

We’re so grateful to have this opportunity with you, our partners, to love and care for these orphans just like Jesus would. Praise God! All glory belongs to Him.

*Special thanks to Ms. Yvonne and members of Pasig Oplan Gulay for your love & generosity. God bless you all!

📝 Message from Tahanang ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home Officials

“We are grateful and blessed to have you as our partners in caring for these children brought to us by the good and faithful God to care & love for temporarily until they are restored to God’s chosen families.
Thank you for celebrating these little victories with us and for being God’s instrument of blessing in our lives. May our generous Heavenly Father remember your generosity and bless your love gifts a hundredfold and return them to you to bless you.”

God knows the future and wants us to trust Him for what’s ahead.
When we feel like abandoned captives, He promises His presence.
When we feel tired of waiting distant dreams, He promises strength.


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