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JFM Kitchen Project Fundraising



Kitchen Upgrade to Feed Poor & Undernourished Public School Students in the Philippines

Help us expand & upgrade our kitchen so that we can cook more food and bake fresh bread for street kids & poor public school students.



Why Are We Expanding Our Kitchen?

First, we believe in growth & we want to feed more. We see the need every time we visit these children & we know we have to do something. An upgraded kitchen with better equipments & additional workers will increase not only the people that we feed, but the efficiency, productivity & growth of our operations.


The Impact of Your Contribution

By donating to this campaign, you will help us provide healthy & nutritious food for these poor school children who come from impoverished families that can’t afford to feed their children regularly before going to school.


Funds raised will go to the funding of:


  • Renovation & Upgrading of the Kitchen (Construction, Electrical, Licenses & Permits)
  • Additional Kitchen Equipments & Supplies
  • Training of Bakers & Workers
  • Research & Testing of Healthy Recipes for Children
  • Stocks of Ingredients to Start the Project


Blueprint of Electrical & Lighting Layout


The expansion of our kitchen space has already started but we need additional funds to finish everything




How You Can Help

For as low as $1 or 50 pesos, you can help feed a hungry child not only once, but for a very long time. Since this project has long-term goals, your donation will expand in more ways than you can imagine.

If you are considering to give to our Project, please click this link or the link below. Every contribution counts!




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