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Typhoon Ulysses Relief: 2 Locations – Nangka, Marikina City

JFM Typhoon Ulysses Relief: 2 Locations in Marikina City + Location 1- Barangay Nangka, Marikina + Location 2-St. Mary Elementary School (Evacuation Center) 

Testimony: The flood rushed into Marlyn’s (a Marikina resident) house. It rose to her knees faster than she and her family were able to pack their clothes. Had they refused to leave when the evacuation alarm rang, they would’ve been swept by the flood. For in less than three hours, their whole house was submerged underwater. 

But praise God for she and her family are alive today! A day after the flooding, we immediately rushed to St. Mary Elementary School Evacuation Center and Nangka Barangay Hall where we met survivors like her to offer help. 

We brought relief goods, face shields, and Bibles to comfort and assist them as they heal and recover from the typhoon’s onslaught.


Thank you for your support that shines all the more brighter during this trying season that our nation is going through. We praise GOD for His faithful provision! 👆🙏



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