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JFM Covid-19 Response: Rice Deliveries for Distribution

🚚 JFM Covid-19 Response: Rice Deliveries for Distribution

Since the start of the ECQ, the Lord has provided all the resources that we need so that food distribution for those who are affected by this crisis will continue. Procuring relief supplies was a challenge, but GOD has been so faithful!

Thank you so much, LORD for the amazing provision! All praise & glory to You alone. 🙏🏻

And to our JFM Partners, mere words cannot express how grateful we are for your prayers, trust and generosity. May God continue to bless & protect you and your loved ones.

“God causes us to remember His wonderful works. How GRACIOUS and MERCIFUL is our LORD! He PROVIDES food for those who fear Him. He remembers His covenant forever.” | Psalm 111:4-5

🌱Call for Donations:
The Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. There is still much work to be done and so many people who need our help. If you wish to give through JFM, please visit

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