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Be A Family 2020: Barangay Catmon, Malabon

A person’s most beautiful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help others.


We are so blessed by the privilege to remind the people of Bgy. Catmon, Malabon of the Lord’s compassion, forgiveness, and love for them, not just through our words, but through gifts of Noche Buena Meal Bags & Kiddie Gift Packs as well.

It is because of your generosity that we are able to not just bless their holiday celebration, but also remind them of God’s most precious gift – the promise of eternal life. For this, we are ever grateful. Thank you so, so much! Thank You, Jesus!

May God bless you more. All glory to Him alone!~


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