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JFM MINDANAO: Feeding Outreach @ Gango, Libona Bukidnon

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JFM MINDANAO: Feeding Outreach @ Gango, Libona Bukidnon

Being able to come & share God’s LOVE to these children is one of the most rewarding experience any JFM worker, partner or volunteer can ever have. Our goal has always been to reach those who are lost, and feed those who are hungry, both physically & spiritually, no matter how far they are.

Here, our JFM Mindanao team joyfully served children from Gango, Bukidnon not only with a “healthy hot meal”, but also with the warm reminder of God’s great love for them. Thank you, JFM Partners for helping us continue this worthy cause. God bless you all!



💡  Do you have a heart for children & want to share your blessings? Please click the link below to know the ways you can give. Your gift will surely make a lasting difference in someone’s life today.


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