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by Ptr. Emerita Barqueros Tagalog Version



What you are about to read is a very inspiring story and at the same time, a special revelation that I received from the Lord which I am sure will affect your life especially these last days before the return of our Lord Jesus. I suggest that you carefully read every detail of God's revelation for you to see clearly how the Lord arranged each event and His true purpose for all of us.

An Urgent Message - Why We Need To Feed


In most of my conferences, I already shared several Bible prophecies that is already taking place in our generation. I've also done a series of documentaries and teaching CD’s about the Endtime.  But last December 4, 2010, I received a very URGENT message from the Lord that I am sure will affect your future, your family, and our country.

Of all the prophecies that was written in the Bible, the Lord's instruction is to put an emphasis on the coming famine.


“And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.”
Matthew 24:7b

Jesus himself said that, “there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places around the world.”

When I asked Him why is He pressing on famine, this is what He revealed to me. He said, most of the terrible events that are happening around the world, whether caused by natural or man-made disasters, you will notice that the common result will be - famine, pestilences, then death.

Factors That Contribute To Famine

Apart from the conversion of agricultural lands to malls, resorts, factories, subdivisions, and villages; many farmlands are already ruined by different calamities. Our generation’s lack of interest in farming also worsens the situation. In addition to this, sugar cane and grains like corn are being used as an alternative fuel. All of these factors contribute to the growing scarcity of food.

The Lord further widened my vision. He said...

1. When wars are happening ...  famines, deaths, and pestilences will follow.  [Matt. 24:6-7]

2. Simultaneous earthquakes, raging storms and flooding will also cause famines, deaths, and pestilences.

3. A failing economy will cause unemployment, rising food prices, higher crime rates, increased deaths, chaos, uproar against governments, instability, widespread wars, and famine.

This is what our world is facing today. The truth is, the pains, ... the birth pangs are already being felt.
That's why I believe that the year 2011 to 2018 will be very critical.

God Wants His People To Prepare

1. The Lord wants everyone to prepare, so that whatever will happen during this period of time, none of His children would grow apart from Him.
2. He also wants everyone to become serious in storing up treasures in heaven, for the schemes of the enemy in stealing what God has entrusted His children will intensify.

3. He reminds everyone to prepare for the coming food crisis (that was foretold by Jesus in Matt. 24:7 and prophesied in Rev. 6:5-6) which is drawing near.

To those who are asking, “How should I prepare? What should I do to be spared from starvation in these Last Days?”

To all who love and believe in the Lord Jesus, read this carefully.....




Our Vision

“Where there is no vision. [revelation] the people perish...”
Proverbs 29:18

To Feed Like Joseph The Dreamer

In 1997, I became the Pastor of our church, The Church of Jesus The Sovereign Lord. That same year, the Lord gave me a vision that He will use our church to become like “Joseph the Dreamer” in the last days. Joseph was used by God to feed many people in time of great famine.

Since then, as a church, we would always declare...“We are the Joseph the Dreamer of the Last Days!” Though we were small in number, and despite the countless storms and testings in our ministry, we never got tired of declaring that... “ We are Joseph the Dreamer!"

For many years, this vision was in our hearts, but... we never really focused on "feeding" just like what Joseph did.

Our church did a lot of outreaches. We made sure to share groceries, medicines, clothes, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, monetary assistance to those in need, but... we were not able to give enough attention to our Feeding Ministry.The bulk of our funds and resources went to spreading the Gospel through our Radio & TV program, and by producing Christian Documentaries.

The Lord made me realize that although there was nothing wrong with our intention of  sharing the Gospel through media, He reminded me that sharing His Word, backed up with additional action will be more effective.

   View our Old Photos HERE

God’s Urgent Call to Feed

Last year, while I was watching the earthquake victims in Haiti, the Lord spoke to my heart again. He suddenly prompted me to start feeding the hungry. At that time, the vision He gave me in 1997 was not yet in my mind. God just spoke to my heart, and the instruction was simple and urgent: Start the Feeding Ministry immediately.

Though we still had to attend to the existing needs of the ministry, I have decided that I cannot ignore this very important instruction from the Lord. So, no matter how limited our funds were, I told my children..."We need to start this Feeding Ministry by all means. We will apply the Parable of the Talents and just use whatever we have."

God's Instruction: Use What You Have

"But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

Within the next few days, we started planning and delegating the specific tasks to be done, like who will buy the groceries, cook the food, clean and wash the utensils, set the meal and  give out tracts. With the little budget that we had, we purchased an extra stove, bigger pots, a relatively larger-sized rice cooker, plates, bowls and other utensils.

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The Lord's Table: Food For Everyone!

The week didn't pass without us jumpstarting our Feeding Ministry called, "The Lord's Table". We launched our first Feeding Mission at our Worship Center. We started in our home church to serve the people in our community first.

Every feeding day, people can eat for free and receive reading materials that can help them grow closer to God. We also gave out clothes for the kids who are in need.

First Feeding: Soup Kitchen

On our first feeding mission, we were able to serve "Macaroni-Chicken-Vegetable Soup." One hundred ten (110) people were fed! Some kids kept on coming back for more, while others were requesting to take some home for their loved ones. All of them were served until all the pots were empty.

View more photos HERE

A Touching Story

I remember a story that really touched my heart. There was this one particular kid who was quietly eating her soup. When she noticed that the soup had a chunk of chicken, her eyes widened... And with a big smile on her face called out to her sister,  "Ate, look! Chicken!"  She was so happy, it was as if she saw something really precious. When I heard this story from one of our volunteers, my heart sank and I whispered to God, "Lord I want to keep on feeding these kids chicken."

The Lord's Provision

On our second feeding outreach we were able to serve "Chicken Adobo with Egg." Over 180 people were fed. Praise God!


View more photos HERE

Then, on our third feeding outreach, we prepared rice with delicious and creamy "Pineapple Chicken" which everyone enjoyed! We fed 140  people.


"Our commitment is to serve clean and nutritious food"


Whenever we feed or give away groceries, I always remind our Team that our commitment is to serve clean and nutritious food. It was in my heart ever since to give our less fortunate brothers and sisters food that they rarely eat or because of poverty, can't afford to buy.

Truth is, this usually bring tears to my eyes each time I seek favor from the Lord. I often feel the desperation because I know how limited my capabilities are. But this limitation never stopped me from sharing what God has placed in my heart.

I remember the first time our church tried giving "Special Christmas Gift Packages"  in Quezon City.  In a small platter, we placed slices of ham, a few chestnuts, pieces of grapes, apples and oranges. They were in small portions but we know it touched the people's heart and made them feel loved by God.




Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, ..."
Matthew 7:12

Our Past Outreach Projects:

Mini-Grocery for those in Need

This was a project we had a few years ago wherein we give out coupons that contain a specific amount. The amount on the coupon is the value that they could use for buying groceries. Aside from the groceries, they could also use the coupons to buy clothes, shoes or anything else that's in the store.

I remember the first time that we bought grocery stocks for this project. I was so excited to buy everything the people need; including laundry soap, medicine and more. I also made sure to put special biscuits and chips like Oreo, Doritos, and Lays that rich people commonly eat. I want their experience at our mini-grocery to be special and memorable.

This desire has never left my heart. My prayer is that one day, this "Mini-Grocery" will be a "Large Supermarket" for the poor and people in need. I believe that nothing is impossible with God.

View more photos HERE

Pizza and Spaghetti for Carpark Boys and the Blind in Greenhills

There was a time, my heart broke when God made me notice the blind masseurs and masseuses and also the Carpark Kids at Greenhills Shopping Center. We approached them and after sharing God's love, we invited them to a snack of pizza and spaghetti. We really made an effort to get them something special that they rarely enjoy.

 View more photos HERE


Why did we serve something special? Are we doing this to brag about our good deeds? No.

I believe, from the start, God has already planted deep in our hearts this desire to let our less fortunate brothers taste special food.  And until now, this desire remains as one of the core values we uphold in our mission trips. Loving our neighbors as ourselves. This is what we want to do. And because of  God's grace, we feel this flow from our hearts effortlessly and naturally.

As a leader, I make it a point to always remind our Team and Volunteers to give "our best" each time we serve.
I don't want them to forget that every time we feed,  it's as though we are feeding the Lord Himself.

Jesus said, "...For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in... Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me."
Matt. 25:35,40


"Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass... rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him."
Psalm 37:4,7

Since I want every labor that I offer to the Lord to grow continuously (John  15), I felt sad when I noticed that the number of people we fed last November decreased. This was the moment I started to pray about our mission unceasingly. I felt it in my heart that God wants us to feed, this time, outside of our community. I asked the Lord for a clear direction where He wants us to feed next. There were lots of places to choose from, but I am very careful and want the direction to come from the Lord Himself.


What the Enemy Meant For Harm, God Meant It For Good

"But whoever listens to me will dwell safely and will be secured, without fear of evil."
Proverbs 1:33

I was in the middle of my prayer when something happened to our family that eventually led us to the place God has chosen to have our next mission.

Just like Joseph, who experienced an attempt on his life, the Lord also allowed a similar incident to happen to my sister's family last November 4, 2010. They were victims of a carjacking incident. It was all over the news. Major TV networks covered it, and our whole family was in shock.

Video: Courtesy of GMA News



Carjacking Experience

Early morning of November 4, my sister and her husband picked up their youngest daughter at the airport who just came back from the U.S.  On the way home, their car was cornered by a black  SUV. Ten (10) gunmen appeared and forcibly took their vehicle. My sister and her husband were compelled to transfer to another car. They were taken away with armalites pointed to their heads. While their daughter was left behind their carjacked Montero with the other carjackers.

After 3 horrifying hours of  fear and uncertainty, the carjackers released the couple and dropped them off  in a "talahiban" in Sucat, Parañaque. My sister said, the moment the carjackers told them to go down, she was already thinking that they could be shot from behind as soon as they stepped out of the car. But because of the amazing grace of God, this didn't happen. They were saved. After the carjackers left, though thankful their life was spared, they became increasingly worried about their daughter's safety.

My sister said, she knelt in the middle of the "talahiban" and shouted, "Lord, please save my daughter, I surrender everything to You! Thy will be done!"

After surrendering unto God,  she felt an unexplainable peace in her heart despite the fearful thoughts running through her mind. She considers this experience a miracle. She said that if God didn't  allow her to feel the "peace that passeth all understanding," her heart would have failed her. She could have easily died at that very moment.

And this was a realization to all of us that, when things are out of our hands, the one thing that can give us peace is our total and complete surrender to the Lord. Knowing so well that everything is under His control.

Again, by the awesome grace of God, nothing bad happened to her daughter. Praise God! We learned later on that the only reason the carjackers took her was to use her as a shield or hostage just in case they clash with the authorities. But, the Lord protected my niece and we are all thankful for His mercy and goodness.  Not only that, just a few days after the incident, the carjackers were caught, and before the year ended, the Lord blessed them with a much better car than the one stolen from them.

How God Chose the Place Where We Will Launch the Feeding Mission


"A man's heart plans His way, but the Lord directs His steps."
Proverbs 16:9

November 7, 2010, three days after the carjacking incident, my sister shared her testimony in our church. All of us were blessed by the protection and faithfulness of the Lord. Later that night, my thoughts came back to my prayer for the next location of our Feeding Mission.  I kept on asking the Lord for clear directions, because I can feel a deeper passion to feed many people.

The Lord knows me. He knows I can't move without His guidance. I cannot decide without hearing from Him. He also knows that when I offer something for His Kingdom, I always aspire for the best. Why? because I believe, that's what He deserves.

In this case, I am sure God knows that I will not just randomly pick a place,... feed, ...and then leave. This is not the way I deal with things. What I want to have is a concrete plan and goal for this mission. I want this Feeding Mission to continue up to the next generation 'till the Lord comes. So that night, I cried to the Lord, "Lord, help us. I really want to feed as many people as possible."

While in prayer, a God-given dream suddenly entered my heart and spirit. Boldly, I asked Him... "Lord, I want to have the largest feeding center in the Philippines; reaching out all over our nation. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao."

I honestly have no idea how and when this will happen. But I know that I am serving a big God who wants us to do great things for His glory. Nothing is impossible with Him! I know I am asking according to His will. It is His good and perfect will that we share His love to people, especially the poor and hungry.

And God was indeed faithful! As I was continuously praying, God reminded me of the kindhearted woman who helped my sister after she was released by the carjackers.This simple woman was the only person who was kind enough to assist my sister during the time she was looking for help. God impressed upon my heart that the community (Creekside) where that simple woman lives is the place I have been asking for. Yes, that is where He wants us to hold our next feeding! Praise God!

The following day,  the Lord also reminded me of the "Talahiban" where my sister cried out to God in prayer. God made me realize that this place is special because it is a place of surrender and redemption. This is the place where God met her. A refreshing reminder to all of us that we have a God who sees and hears our cries for help.

If God was gracious to our family, then I believe, the Lord also wants to show the people living in that area that His goodness and love is available for everybody.

In honor of what God did, and as an act of appreciation of our family, we have decided to hold a feeding mission there. This was the 2nd place where we planned to feed. I got the place checked out by our team and later learned that there were people living behind the "Talahiban" area. God directed us to the right person to coordinate with and we were able to schedule a date to start the mission.

The Launching of  Joseph Feeding Mission 

Dec. 4, 2010 -The Joseph Feeding Mission was launched!  We were able to hold a feeding outreach to these 2 special places. First, the very place where the carjackers left my sister (Talahiban), and second, the community of the woman who helped her. (Creekside).

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Our church, together with my family (My 2 sisters, their kids and some friends) served the children and their families lunch, fruits and drinks. We shared God's love to them, sang and played games with the kids. We also shared boxes of clothes, toys, Bibles, and many more. It was a day of celebration!

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The Birthing of the Vision

"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, it will not tarry."
Hab 2:2-3

After 13 years, the vision of our church is finally born! The Lord had appointed that day, Dec. 4, 2010 as "The Launching of our Joseph the Dreamer Vision." Just like what happened to Joseph, the enemy intended to inflict harm on him, but the Lord turned it all around and used it so that people may be reached.

This is what Joseph said to his brothers who wanted to harm him...


"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about so that many people should be kept alive, as they are today."

What Joseph had said fits our church perfectly. Because like him, our church had also undergone so many trials.  We experienced rejection, persecution, abandonment, false accusation, betrayal, extreme pain, and loneliness. But like Joseph, we chose to persevere and never give up on the dream God has placed in our hearts. And in turn, the Lord has never left us. He is faithful. And we acknowledge that it is only by His grace that our hearts continued to burn with love for Him, and for the vision that He has entrusted us.

Through all the trials we encountered; we have learned that, no matter how intense the storms may be in our lives, God continues to look at our hearts. He knows what's inside of us. The enemy can try to destroy and steal the vision - but God will always be in control.  People may leave and persecute us, but God's divine purpose will always prevail!  We thank Him because all the trials that we had encountered has taught us a lot of things. It made us appreciate the heritage of our ministry. It made us love and trust the Lord even more; and this love we now extend to others, as we focus our full efforts in making this vision a reality. We believe we have already entered a "new season" and a "new level" in our vision to feed our nation.

The good news is, this vision is not exclusive just for our church. We believe that each person is given an opportunity by God to be a blessing to others. The Lord has opened this "new level" for you!
He wants you to be a part of this great vision and calling!
He wants your life to be a blessing to others and He wants to continuously bless you...

"Every good deed we do, every seed we sow, will produce a harvest."
Galatians 6:7-9

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