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Regional: Outreach @ Matina, Davao City

“Real love is the way we treat others & the things we do to positively affect their lives. The way to true fulfillment begins with giving a part of your life away for others. Today, make LOVE a priority. Go after it and ask God to make you a blessing wherever you go.”

Mindanao: Matina, Davao City Outreach

JFM Regional Team recently visited Davao City to reach out to children from a small community in Matina Crossing. It was heartwarming to see the children so happy to get their Mcdo Meals and hear God’s message of love to them. These are simple joys that we sometimes forget, but are a source of joy to many kids & their families. We are so blessed to see different areas all over our country being reached continuously because of God’s immeasurable and limitless love. Thank you to all our Partners for you non-stop prayers & support! God bless you all!

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