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Daily Feeding: JFM Parents Gathering & Seminar

“Children are great imitators, let’s give them something great to imitate.”


Parents Gathering & Seminar @ Palatiw Elementary School:

Our team recently reached out to parents of the 100 public school students we feed everyday. This gathering aims to assist & educate the parents/guardians on the importance of proper nutrition & their active participation in the children’s daily lives. We were also given a chance to pray for them & share the good news of God’s great plan in their lives.


Because we want to make these parents feel special, a refreshing meal was also prepared by our team for them plus “take-home RICE BAGS & PASTA” that they can share with their family at home.
Again, these were made possible because of the consistent love & support of our Partners. We believe that all our efforts to reach these children & their families will produce a harvest of good blessings in our community in the future. Thank you & God bless you all!



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