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Daily Feeding Launch: Palatiw Elementary School

“Don’t wait for a special occasion.
Make it your goal every day to do something good for somebody else.” 


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More than 100 STUDENTS of Palatiw Elementary School, together with their parents, teachers & school principal joined us as we formally launched the 2nd Batch of our PUBLIC SCHOOL DAILY FEEDING PROGRAM.

We learned from the teachers that some students don’t come to school if they have no “pang-baon” or food during break time. Because of our feeding program, School Principal Ms. Wilma Soriano & Feeding Coordinator Ms. Nerissa happily informed us that there are improvement in attendance as these students are now attending their classes regularly as a result of our daily outreach.

We are also blessed to see how the parents participated in our launch. We distributed packs of rice & Bibles for them. The goal & heart of this program is to not only provide nutritious food for the students, but to also become partners with the Parents & School Authorities in taking care of the overall welfare of the children, in and out of the school. Our program aims to also provide the parents knowledge & assistance in proper nutrition, livelihood & faith, to assure the sustainability of our desire to become a blessing to the next generation.

We wish to thank our faithful Partners & Friends who continuously support our outreaches & programs. You play a huge part in molding our society & the next generation in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Know that all the love you have planted in the lives of these children will echo till eternity.💫
May God bless you even more & we hope you will continue to be a part of this worthy mission.👍🏻




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