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Relief Operation: Fire @ Palatiw, Pasig

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start over again.” ❤

JFM recently sent in relief efforts to FIRE survivors of Palatiw, Pasig. The fire, which breached the 5th alarm, broke out from a house & rapidly spread across the neighboring areas. Hundreds of houses were destroyed & over 100 families were left without a place to call home.


Because of your support, over 300 people were served with our Creamy Macaroni Soup that day; 100 kilos of rice grains was also distributed along with Bibles, clothes & gospel tracts.



The tragedy they went through was most unfortunate, but the turn of events & the smiles on their faces as we left were priceless; knowing that God has just begun something new in their lives. Thank you again JFM Partners for helping us bring hope to these people who desperately need our support.





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