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JFM Back to School 2016: Bag & Supplies Repacking

It feels great to be happy, but there’s a far greater feeling when you bring happiness to others. ❤   In the midst of an ever changing world, it's good to know that no matter how difficult life can be, a lot of people still care for one another. Proof can be seen through these batch of SCHOOL BAGS & SUPPLIES that you willingly [...]


"When you choose to see the good in others, you end up finding the good in yourself." ❤   Our greatest reward is seeing these children smile; seeing them laughing, giggling, and no longer hungry. Thank you Partners for helping us share the love of Christ & His message of hope to people all around the country. Because of you, we can keep [...]

JFM Back-To-School Project 2016

  About the Project: Since 2015, Joseph Feeding Mission has been helping students from needy families with backpacks & school supplies through our JFM Back-to-School Project. This helps struggling parents cope with one of the most expensive responsibilities they must face when the month of June comes - the start of the school year. Not every [...]

JFM Visayas Outreach: Aetas Community @ Guimaras Island

"Happiness is not getting what you want, it’s enjoying what God has given you." ❤ This week, our JFM Visayas Team went to GUIMARAS ISLAND to reach out & share God’s love to a community of AETAS living in the area. The children were treated to a day of fun & laughter, while the parents were given food & supplies; others received [...]

JFM Optical & Dental Mission: Kapitolyo, Pasig

God knows "what" we need & "when" we need it. Trust that He knows how to put us at the right place at the right time. Thank you to all our volunteers (Optometrists, Dentists, Troms Youth & Church members) & to all our JFM Partners for giving a portion of your heart to people in need. God bless you [...]

Medical Mission: JFM Dental & Optical Mission

On the 29th of April (Friday) JFM will conduct a FREE Dental and Optical Outreach to indigent families of nearby Rosemary Lane and Arkong Bato. Like-hearted professional volunteers (optometrist & dentists) from various universities and hospitals have decided to SHARE their time and resources for FREE that would benefit approximately over a [...]

Relief Operation: Fire @ Palatiw, Pasig

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start over again." ❤ JFM recently sent in relief efforts to FIRE survivors of Palatiw, Pasig. The fire, which breached the 5th alarm, broke out from a house & rapidly spread across the neighboring areas. Hundreds of houses were destroyed & over 100 families were left without a place to call [...]
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