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Quarantine Relief: Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig

Quarantine Relief: As much as we're driven to feed the hungry and share the gospel in far-flung places, we'll never get tired of appreciating our own Barangay Tanods. As a way of showing support and gratitude to them for keeping our community safe and in order, we served adobo rice meals and prepared fresh fruits for their dinner. We also gave [...]

Relief Operation: Brgy 651, Manila

Relief Operation: Brgy. 651, Manila: Another batch of relief goods distributed to our kababayans & we couldn't have done it without your support! We made a difference for every family who's striving to make ends meet by providing them with relief supplies and much needed spiritual support. "Yet I still dare to HOPE when I remember this: [...]

Covid-19 Relief: Brgy. Payatas, Area-A, Q.C.

🚚 Quarantine Relief: Bgy. Payatas, Area-A, Q.C. Bgy. Payatas-A is starting to recover after many of its residents, including barangay officials contracted the Covid-19 virus. As quarantine restrictions in this area affected the community, your generosity has provided the physical and spiritual support that they needed. Rice sacks, [...]

Quarantine Relief: Saguingan Area, Bgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City

🚚 Quarantine Relief: Saguingan Area, Brgy. Holy Spirit We're grateful for the opportunity we had to help the families living in Saguingan Area, Bgy. Holy Spirit. Along with the distribution of much-needed relief goods, we shared God's message of love and salvation. We were overwhelmed to see people tearing up as we prayed, and to hear words [...]

Seniors Outreach- Graces Home for the Elderly

Seniors Outreach: Together with your support, we reminded our lolos and lolas at GRACES that they are loved and cared for even during this pandemic. We brought fruits, snack packs, sacks of rice, hygiene kits, and also antihypertensive & antidiabetic medicines for their maintenance. “Show respect to the elderly and honor older [...]

Covid 19 Relief: Happy Land, Tondo Manila

Covid 19 Relief: In Happy Land, garbage collection is the main source of income for the locals. Aling Monique, a resident, told us that what her husband earns from part-time jobs isn't even enough to pay the rent. Mothers like her roam the streets of Manila to find feeding programs so they can bring home food for their children. But when they find [...]

Orphanage: Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

Orphanage Outreach: Countless Filipino children are deprived of the blessing of eating a well-rounded, nutritious meal three times a day. But in Tahanan Ng Pagmamahal, an orphanage, through our Partnership with Pasig Oplan Gulay, we're able to provide fresh vegetables from Benguet for the kids. Each month, we also bring groceries like rice, [...]
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