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Disaster Preparedness Initiative: Food Supply Preparation

A calamity can strike any moment and can easily disrupt food supply wherever we are. That’s why JFM Foundation is planning ahead in order to provide immediate sustenance to victims of disaster or calamities. We want to ensure we are equipped and prepared to provide emergency food to families affected by disaster.

We are currently preparing thousands of EMERGENCY FOOD BOXES that will feed many families in times of calamity.



The Supply Box

Each box contains essential food items that will help ease the hunger of one family

  • Rice
  • Noodle Soup
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Canned Goods

Why Prepare?


1) This is our Vision

In the Bible, Joseph the Dreamer was known as someone who prepared and shared food in time of famine. He also was trusted by the Pharaoh because of his integrity, wisdom and effectivity in everything that he does.

This is the heart of our foundation.

We want to be used by God to feed the hungry and at the same time be a trusted servant like Joseph, to be EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE  and a GOOD STEWARD with the resources God has entrusted us.

2) To Save Time, Money, and Resources

Based on our experience in our years of conducting Relief Operations, we saw how the "immediate availability" of food supply is crucial and important whenever a calamity strikes.

With a Disaster Preparedness Initiative like JFM’s The Supply, we are going to save precious time, money and resources.




We Will Save Time Because…

a. No Need To Rush To The Grocery for Supplies

With the food boxes readily available at our warehouse, we no longer need to rush and go to the grocery or find stocks of food when calamity strikes.



We will also save time in REPACKING the supplies. No need to spend a day or two in mobilizing volunteers & repacking the goods. As soon as the need arises, our pre-packed food boxes can be  immediately transported to affected areas.






We will Save Money & Resources Because...

We will Purchase the Supplies in Bulk and Get Discounts

We all know that when the demand is high, so with the prices. Whenever a calamity slams a country, food scarcity is inevitable & will automatically make the prices higher.

By PREPARING the boxes beforehand, We can save extra money and resources because we don’t need to buy food in a rush, and instead get discounts because we’ll buy the food supplies in bulk



We really believe that God has called all of us to become like JOSEPH the Dreamer in our time and we hope that you will join us in PREPARING AND SHARING, not only physical food but spiritual food which is the GOOD news of God’s love and salvation to so many people.


150 PESOS will help feed 1 family


2,000 = Contains 12 Supply Boxes that will help feed 12 families


450 PESOS and will help feed 3 family


There's no limit with how many you can give! The more boxes you sponsor, the more families will benefit.


The Bible said, "Whatever we sow, we shall also reap." Let us continuously sow seeds of compassion by supporting this FOOD PREPARATION Project for needy families. The Lord will be our rewarder. Proverbs 19:17 declares.."Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and HE will reward them for what they have done."

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