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Regional Outreach: Solong Elementary School & 2-Day Life Encounter

“If your words aren’t working, show love. Love makes people listen.”


Solong Elementary School & 2-Day Life Encounter

It’s amazing how God can move in people’s broken lives when Christians around them start to care & show tangible love. We are so blessed to see active police officers & former drug dependents unite & come together to reach out to children in need. 👮👫👭🍲

These drug surrenderees were also reached through a JFM Feeding Outreach last year & is now part of an on-going Discipleship Program (which JFM also regularly supports). They attend regular bible studies & just recently became delegates of a 2-day Life Encounter Retreat on how to become committed followers of Jesus. Through your help, JFM was able to support their walk with the Lord & help provide for their food for the duration of the seminar.

Again, all these were made possible because of your continued trust & support. Lives are changing, our Father in heaven is pleased & your partnership is highly appreciated. May God continue to bless you all. Glory to the Lord!


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