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Confirmations from Heaven

In all my years of serving the Lord, I make it a point to be sensitive to the things He allows to happen; especially when I'm in the process of making an important decision for the ministry. I always ask Him for confirmations that will assure me that He approves my decision. And every time the Lord instructs us to do something,  He always has a special way to assure us, that... He is with us.

I want to share with you a couple of confirmations that the Lord allowed to happen that strengthened our belief that He really wants this vision to be fulfilled without delay.

Confirmation #1: The Eagle

Dec. 19, 2010:  It was our church's Christmas Celebration, and my message that day focused on the good news that after 13 years, our vision has already been born. After the service, I opened one of the gifts that was given to me. I received lots of gifts that day, but this was the very first one I opened. 

While opening it, I could already smell the fragrance of the perfume sprayed on the gift. As soon as I saw what's inside, my heart leaped for joy!  The gift was a heavy glass figurine of an "eagle" with its two wings raised.

Some may ask, so what's so special about it?

First, I was touched with the timing when it was given (again, it was the day I announced the birth of our vision to our congregation), and second was the significance of that particular figurine to our vision (Eagle).

Backstory: About the EAGLE

During the early years of our ministry, when we were just holding our services at a storage room of a textile store in Alimall, we have this little Bulletin Board where we posted our church vision for all our members to see. Our vision, which is to be like "Joseph the Dreamer" in the last days- to be able to feed our nation in times of famine.

And the photo we chose as a symbol of that vision was an eagle soaring in the sky! We chose the eagle as a symbol of inspiration that with God's help, someday, we will fly like an eagle! We dreamed that one day, we will be able to reach out and help feed many people. I remember how we used to sing "I Believe I can Fly" at our services. It gave us hope and continuous inspiration to hold on to our vision.

Now, going back to my story about the gift, I became more convinced that this particular figurine was a confirmation from God when I learned, that this gift was supposed to be given to me at an earlier time...and not on that particular day when I announced the birthing of our vision. I believe, God allowed the delay to happen. He orchestrated the timing so that He can encourage us to go on, pursue and believe that we are on the right track...That He is backing us up, and that He approves of our plans to feed many people. I believe the perfume used was a symbol of the anointing of God upon this vision.

The Design
I love the design of the eagle's wings. It was open and raised... Ready to take off! And while I was looking at the claws of the glass eagle, I noticed that it was clutching a fish. To me, this is very symbolic because in the Bible, Jesus calls His disciples "fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19)

Confirmation #2: The Gift

The next gift I opened that day was a 2-CD package. I was amazed because the first CD that I saw was entitled, "Giving Your Dreams A New Beginning" by Joel Osteen.

This was the exact message I delivered to our church that day! Wow! I felt like all the angels that were assigned to me was saying "That's right! What you have just declared is correct! After 13 years, your vision that you'll be the Joseph the Dreamer in the last days is born!"
Praise God!

Confirmation #3: 2011- A Very Special Year

January 2011, while I was working on my message for the "You Can Begin Again Conference,"  I asked the Lord for a "special word" that I can share since it was the first month of the year. I specifically asked the Lord for His message about the number 11 (because of 2011).  While researching, the Lord revealed many things, but what distinctly caught my eye and made me catch my breath was when He led me to Genesis 32:22. It was a surprise to me because this was different from what I was expecting.

The Lord showed me the first time the number 11 was ever mentioned in the Bible. It was about Jacob's meeting with his brother Esau, whom he deceived.

"And he rose that night and took his two wives, two female servants, and his eleven sons, and he crossed over the ford of Jabbok." Genesis 32:22 (emphasis mine)
The truth is, I don't know all the sons of Jacob. Neither do I know their order from the oldest to the youngest. I grew curious, so I checked out who the 11th son of Jacob was.

Do you know who he was?  Yes. It was Joseph!... Jacob's 11th son is Joseph the Dreamer!
Joseph the Dreamer is Jacob's 11th son

This was a very big surprise and encouragement to me. It's as if heaven's trumpet was declaring and approving the vision. God's message to us is very clear: The fulfillment of the vision must come to pass as the coming years becomes critical. The Lord is revealing to me that many quick and unexpected changes will definitely happen in the coming days. The birthing of this vision is a reminder to us that a severe famine is coming. We as God's people should start planting seeds of love by feeding those who are in need.


Confirmation #4: The Age of our Church- 13 years

One morning, while I was cleaning my desk, I saw my Bible and noticed that it was opened in Genesis 41:46. I decided to read it and saw that Joseph was 30 years old when he began to serve Pharaoh as the Governor of all Egypt. As I read on, a part of me can feel already that the Lord was trying to tell me something.

The Holy Spirit led me back to Genesis 37. In verses 2-5, it states that Joseph was 17 years old when the Lord gave the dream to him. So the span of the dream (17 years) to the fulfillment (30 years) is 13 years, right?

I started counting and the Lord made me notice that the "Joseph the Dreamer Vision" He gave us was in 1997, while the official launching happened in 2010. I realized that from 1997, when the dream was given, to 2010 when the vision was launched,  also spans 13 years!

Like Joseph who continuously followed and trusted the Lord for 13 years, the same thing happened to us. Our vision then (in 1997) was just like a baby inside a womb, but in 2010 the Lord heralded it's birth!

I believe that all of these special confirmations came from the Lord. It was given to us as an assurance, that what we are about to do, has His full approval.

We believe it came from Him because...

  • Only God can cause and arrange all circumstances.

  • Only God has the power to control the time, day and year.

  • He is the only One who can give us these dreams and visions... make it a reality, and enable us to be a blessing to other people.

God's Good Plan For All of Us : To Feed in Time of Need

I believe God has sent all these confirmations for two special reasons.

First, is to inspire and encourage me to believe that He is indeed with us. As the leader of our church, God knows the overwhelming feeling I have inside because of the responsibility and accountability that comes with this vision. This call is not that easy. That's why I believe, God wants to remove all my doubts that this is what He wants us to do this specific season of our lives. He made sure that the confirmations He sent us was so special, that I could really say... "Nobody can do this except God. He wants us to continue doing this..."

The second reason God sent these confirmations is to assure you..., and all the people who will partner with us that... this is really from Him.

  • He really wants to use all of us to feed many people, just like Joseph.
  • It is His perfect will for you to become "PARTAKERS" in the fulfillment of this God-given vision.
  • He wants you to become like "Joseph" in these last days. To spare you and your family in the coming famine, and to use you to feed and give to those in need.

Those who desires to become like Joseph will be like Joseph.
To become like Joseph means, having more than enough that you can share your blessings to other people. 
You will have the resources because you were wise enough to save and invest in the kingdom of God.
You have sown what you wanted to reap.
You were faithful enough to keep on planting for 7 years like Joseph.
You recognized the importance of the Word .....

Remember what the Lord said..

"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." Galatians 6:7
Jesus said, "Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in..." Matthew 25:34-35

God's Call

This is the Word of the Lord for all us...

"You all need to hurry! Don't waste time! Continue to
spread the Word and feed people, as the severe famine is already coming-the greatest challenge that the whole world will ever face."

The Lord keeps on saying...

"Do not delay! Keep on feeding the people, for 2011-2018 will be very critical. You need to continue planting and continue feeding while you still can. This call is urgent because everything that is happening today (wars, earthquakes, flooding etc.) will  eventually cause famine in the future."

Join the Vision

With all the proofs and confirmations that the Lord has given, I have no doubts that God wants to use "Joseph Feeding Mission" to feed our nation and we, as a church are really preparing for it. The truth is, I myself took the time to sign a JFM Partner Form and pledged to give a monthly support. I have decided to give continuously as the Lord provides. I also encouraged all my children to sign a form too! I told them, "I know what I heard from the Lord.  Everything in this world is temporary. Anything can happen anytime. The world we live in gets older, and as the years go by, it gets weaker and weaker like an old man. We need to plant and invest in God's work and in the lives of other people if we want to have a harvest in the future."

I don't know all the exact details of what will happen between 2011-2018, but with what we are seeing around us today (all the wars, calamities, lawlessness and poverty), it's just a matter of time before more chaotic, dangerous, ruinous, and perilous things will happen. Yes, we are under God's grace, but He also said in His Word that all these things must happen before He returns. This is why God is calling His people to unite and carry out His vision without delay. His Word is very clear..."A man reaps what He sows." If you will look at what happened to Joseph, all who stood by him and planted with him for 7 years didn't starve. This is also God's will for us. If we sow food in the lives of people in need, in return, God will be the one to provide for us in times of great famine.

The Calling

For the past how many years, I always ask a "Special Word" from the Lord at the start of every year. I always ask Him..."What is Your Word for your people Lord? What do you want us to do this year? What should we focus on?" And I praise Him because He has always been consistent in fulfilling all that He has revealed to me. I believe part of it is because I always make sure that every revelation I share is backed-up by the Word of God. I know I am accountable to each and every word I share to people, that's why I really make it a point to only share what God has placed in my heart and what is on His Word.

So today, I boldly declare that the following revelations that God has placed in my heart is not only timely and urgent, but will surely affect your lives and our country as a whole.

Like what I've said earlier, with the recent events that is happening in our world today(disasters, wars, etc), the Lord is reminding us that the coming famine Jesus described in Matthew 24:7  is getting closer. God wants His children to prepare, unite and start sowing seeds of love for others. Through our vision, we will start planting into the lives of other people by continuously feeding those who are in need. I believe, Joseph Feeding Mission (JFM) is anointed by the Lord to fulfill the desire of God to feed the hungry.

I believe, We have the calling ... We have the vision ... We have the heart ... and ... the passion to do what needs to be done, especially for such a time as this.

And because of this, I also believe that all the people God has allowed to connect with us, in whatever way (church, documentaries, website, facebook etc..) are also being called by Him to join us in fulfilling this God-given vision.

The Lord assured me that every person that will partner and support this vision for seven years will not go hungry during the days of famine. Why? Because they chose to share their blessings to those in need.
They chose to plant and prepare like Joseph. So in times of lack, they will have plenty.
And God's perfect will for using their lives for His glory will come to pass.
Many people will be fed and saved and God's name will be glorified!

Jesus said ,”Give and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”
Luke 6:38








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